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Welcome to City Breaks Europe. This is a new site dedicated to helping you book your dream city break in Europe. Not only can you book your whole trip with City Breaks Europe, including hotels and flights, you can also find valuable information about the destinations and landmarks you may wish to visit during your trip. All trips are booked through our affiliates Thomson Holidays so you can rest assured you're in the best hands when you book a trip with City Breaks Europe.

City breaks in Europe are rewarding, exciting, interesting and worthwhile. By travelling and experiencing different cultures and new places, we expand our minds, broaden our horizons, gain new experiences, bond with our friends and families and create memories that will last a lifetime. A great city break in Europe will leave you relaxed, energized and free from the stresses of everyday life. You can truly leave your worries behind and start planning an excellent trip when you decide to book through City Breaks Europe.

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Europe is an incredibly diverse continent so when searching on City Breaks Europe you're certain to find the perfect destination where you can indulge your passions and have a great time. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway with your loved one, a fun family trip with the kids, an indulgent shopping trip or a break filled with culture, there's a European city break to suit you. With so many beautiful, historic and vibrant cities throughout Europe you are in for a treat when you book a holiday through City Breaks Europe.

Here on City Breaks Europe you can put together your own perfect trip or use our booking facility to get a great package deal through Thomson. By using City Breaks Europe, you can experience the exciting atmosphere, rich traditions and local flavours of some of Europe's finest cities. From the gorgeous architecture of Prague and Florence to the romance of Paris and Venice to the vibrancy of Amsterdam and Berlin, the possibilities are endless when you book a trip through City Breaks Europe. You could even stay closer to home and enjoy a city break right here in the UK.

Our Mission

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City Breaks Europe is dedicated to helping you make the most of your holiday or weekend away. By helping you to feel well informed and bringing together the facilities you need to arrange travel and accommodation, we take the stress out of booking city breaks in Europe. We want to ensure that everyone who uses City Breaks Europe has a truly memorable and enjoyable trip that they will keep talking about for years to come!

Booking With Us

It's really easy to make a booking with City Breaks Europe. Take a look at the other pages on this site for relevant information, then use our simple forms to search for flights and hotels. We work with well-respected firms including Late Rooms and Thomson Holidays in order to bring you the very best services for booking city breaks in Europe. It's a cinch to book your dream trip when you use City Breaks Europe as your searching and booking tool.

Types of City Breaks in Europe

Before booking with City Breaks Europe, think about the type of trip you want to take. Are you travelling with a partner, with the family, with friends or alone? What are your interests?

What kind of activities do you want to take part in on your trip? Here on City Breaks Europe you will find useful information to help you make the right choices.

The continent has so much to offer to any kind of traveller. Whether you want a quiet and relaxing break or a trip packed with exciting activities, you can find the ideal destination.

Further Information

We not only help you to book city breaks in Europe, we have also provided information you may find helpful before and after booking your trip. If you fancy a European city break but are unsure about where to go, we are here to help you make the right choice so you can look forward to the trip of lifetime.

We have provided lists of the top 10 European destinations, most romantic cities, and most family-friendly locations. See our "Must-See" list for information on some of the best known attractions and landmarks in Europe.

We also offer useful information on each individual city destination and handy travel tips so that when you use City Breaks Europe you can feel well informed about your trip.